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Branch management

This repository contains two applications which are distinguished by branches, master and dokuwiki. The common source is maintained in lib branch and merged to the application branches.

The main development branch. It works without server setup to some extent with the browser's localStorage, but works better (with uploading functionality) with PHP on the server side.

If the server have Git installed, it can be configured to manage history of figures by Git. This functionality is enabled by editing conf/config.php which will be automatically generated when canvas.php is displayed for the first time.

The minimal SketchCanvas library that is independent of application. This branch is created to share SketchCanvas.js between master and dokuwiki branches while preventing mixing each other's sources.

A branch for developing a DokuWiki plugin.

The main page for the plugin is here:

The plugin is capable of embedding sketches into Wiki pages. It also incorporates in-place editor that can create or edit figures with the browser. You can clone this repository into lib/plugin/skcanvas directory of DokuWiki and checkout dokuwiki branch to use this feature.

A branch for developing a MediaWiki plugin.

This branch is highly experimental and the progress is way behind DokuWiki plugin. Specifically, you can view the sketches but cannot edit them yet.

Dependent libraries

  • i18next - used for translation
  • js-yaml - used for serializing YAML documents
  • This project does not use jQuery.

About graphics

There are very good HTML5 canvas graphics library, such as EaselJS or pixi.js, but this project does not use them. This project precede simplicity over functionality.

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