Serverless Todo API built using NodeJS for AWS Lambda
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Todo Service built with NodeJS using Serverless Framework, running on AWS Lambda

Serverless Todo Service Architecture


Get the Serverless Todo Service project

  • Clone Github project :
  • Alternatively, you can install the service locally from Github using the serverless command: serverless install --url
  • Install module dependencies: npm install

Set-up AWS credentials

  • serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <key> --secret <secret>
  • Refer serverless documentation for other options.

Test locally

  • Install dynamodb local: serverless dynamodb install
  • Start Todo Service in offline mode: serverless offline start
  • Test the REST APIs @ http://localhost:4000
  • Test the functions by invoking them locally. E.g. serverless invoke local -f list

Deploy serverless todo service

  • Deploy the Todo Service to AWS Lambda: serverless deploy

Test deployed functions

  • Test the APIs of the deployed service using a REST client. API endpoints can be obtained using the command serverless info
  • Or test deployed functions using serverless invoke -f <function>

Serverless AWS Lambda CLI Reference: