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Can't access Preferences #2

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pichur35 Michael Sanders

Is it possible to get back to the preferences pane after having unchecked "Keep on dock" and "Keep in menu"? In my stupidity, I unchecked both. Now, since it doesn't appear in either location, I am left with the last settings that I applied.

Alternately, if there's no solution, could you tell me where the preferences are stored outside of the app, so I can delete that and reinstall the app fully. I deleted it and emptied the trash a couple of times, but after re-downloading from the app store the preference setting were exactly the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


pichur35 pichur35 closed this
Michael Sanders

Ha, this is a good point that I overlooked before. There definitely needs to be an easily-discoverable way to access the preferences while the menu bar and dock icons are disabled using only the mouse. For now though, you should be able to get to them by pressing ⌘, :-)

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