Enhance tex.snippets #21

wants to merge 82 commits into from

Hi msanders,

Thank you for this awesome plugin.
I've added some snippets to LaTeX language. Please pull the tex.snippets file to let snipmate user enjoy it.


MarcWeber and others added some commits Jan 1, 2010
@MarcWeber MarcWeber tab: start completion if there is no match, only do so if some charac…
…ters have been typed
@MarcWeber MarcWeber 'put s:snippets into s:multi_snip using key "default"
So if you have both: a snippet without description and one with
desciption they both show up
Also if a snippet is added twice the second overrides the first one.
Thus you can just reload snippets without empying the dicts
@MarcWeber MarcWeber big change:
Add a function collecting snippets on demand.
.snippets files are parsed only once and cached for performance reasons.
However if the timestamp changes they are reread automatically.
I tried to preserve behaviour. However I may have failed.
The main reason for this is that it is possible now to define new script
sources easily. Eg there could be a plugin which reads Eclipse plugins,
translating them to snipMate snippets on the fly etc.

This patch adds a dependency on my vim-addon-mw-utils package.
Therefor installation is more difficult unless you use vim-addon-manager

Send bug reports about this change to marco-oweber@gmx.de
@MarcWeber MarcWeber add a RetabSnip command which fixes indentation automatically ff95f28
@MarcWeber MarcWeber add ! to command
set tabstop and expandtab settings explicitely so that
indentation commands work as expected
@MarcWeber MarcWeber fix PHP snippet (it's the value not the key var)
add try snippet
add foreachk snippet
@MarcWeber MarcWeber ruby add missing block snippet 649eba5
@MarcWeber MarcWeber adding some action script snippets (unfinished but more useful than n…
…o snippets)
@MarcWeber MarcWeber fix: numbersmuststart at 1 7621baf
@MarcWeber MarcWeber fix flash snippets 66ffd85
@MarcWeber MarcWeber fix ScopeAliases 01b769a
@MarcWeber MarcWeber ruby: add begin rescue snippet 540ccf0
@MarcWeber MarcWeber PHP: add lambda snippet
JS: Add try catch
@MarcWeber MarcWeber make AddScopeAliases recursive so that aliases of aliases are added
make xhtml an alias for html
add javascript to both: html and php
@MarcWeber MarcWeber ruby snippets: add else ensure to begin snippet 9c98f59
@MarcWeber MarcWeber remove duplicate line. Don't use local var 7cab68f
@MarcWeber MarcWeber Vim snippets:
 - add autoload prefix. Add new placeholder for s:
 - always use fun! for developing. It seldomly hurts
@MarcWeber MarcWeber adding new command SnipMateOpenSnippetFiles
It lists many possible files which can contain .snippets. Existing files
are listed first. So you should be even faster managing your snippets now

finally adding yet another dependency: tlib
the tlib list selection component is that nice (you don't have to press <cr>)
@MarcWeber MarcWeber alias mxml -> actionscript 1c255a6
@MarcWeber MarcWeber Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into master-get-snips-func
* origin/master:
  made plugin-info.txt have double quotes for valid JSON
  fixed plugin-info.txt
  added some snippets like editor in Xcode
  added license
  added simple readme
  Forgot a do before an end
  Some Java snippets added. I was missing the try construct
  Removed some extra double quotes on DOCTYPE
  A lot of snippets with multiline blocks included with the suffix 'd'
  You can install snipmate using vim-addon-manager. Details see http://github.com/MarcWeber/vim-addon-manager
  added disclaimer comment by mappings
@MarcWeber MarcWeber Merge upstream. Add comments in which way this fork differs from the
@MarcWeber MarcWeber if Snippet* command is called on a file without filetype show appropr…
…iate message. Actually its hidden. But you can get it by :messages rather than an "empty key" error
@MarcWeber MarcWeber allow filetype/*.snippets files d8bbe83
@MarcWeber MarcWeber adding hooks allowing you to add more snippets 41a9bc8
@MarcWeber MarcWeber js, html support for .ur files 4132328
@MarcWeber MarcWeber adding support for visual selection 948082a
@MarcWeber MarcWeber add ! b5868f8
@garbas garbas adding .gitignore file e56f31d
@darkwise darkwise Adding some snippets to tex.snippets :
it for italic (\textit{})
bf for bold   (\textbf{})
others follow.
@darkwise darkwise adding other formating snippets to tex.snippets 902d3fd
@darkwise darkwise add footnote to tex.snippets 63cfadc
@MarcWeber MarcWeber document that Id like to have a upstream merge and how I think about …
…the future of snipmate
@pose pose Added 'try' to js snippets. 5b6c443
@sickill sickill Add missing closing parenthesis for js timeout snippet 9d7be5d
@thisgeek thisgeek Added immediate function snippet. f7749f8
@thisgeek thisgeek Formatted if statement. d244908
@thisgeek thisgeek Alterted increment and decrement operators to conform to JSLint's plu…
…splus rule.
@thisgeek thisgeek Formatted anonymous function. bcecd26
@thisgeek thisgeek Formatted if else. 82b1adc
@redpill redpill Adding sniippets for Play framework 91b229e
unknown Added Progress/OpenEdge ABL snippets d818718
@darkwise darkwise Adding some snippets to tex.snippets : it for italic (\textit{}) bf f…
…or bold (\textbf{}) others follow.
@darkwise darkwise adding other formating snippets to tex.snippets 05c68b2
@darkwise darkwise add footnote to tex.snippets eadf218
@MicahElliott MicahElliott Removed trailing whitespace from ends. 6804234
@MicahElliott MicahElliott Removed trailing whitespace from an else. d6e9809
@MicahElliott MicahElliott A couple snippets for markdown URLs/images.
Not terribly valuable; markdown is already simple. But at times people
forget the syntax for links so this helps.

There are other less common link markup types that seem to not fit as
snippets, so ignoring those.

I don’t know of a way to cancel out of “optional parameters”. E.g., the
title in markdown is optional, so if you don’t want one it would be nice
to back up to remove the quotes. But this is minor.
Kozo NISHIDA added with statement to python.snippets 77bafff
@robhudson robhudson Added snippets for Django 44ed36e
@jb55 jb55 Improved cpp snippets 7a203fb
@jb55 jb55 Initial cmake snippets d747fe8
@jb55 jb55 Added target properties 10b8efd
@jb55 jb55 Fixed the style a bit b44655c
@jb55 jb55 Small props fix 7398762
@jb55 jb55 Fixed small find bug 2af46e3
@honza honza Add GPLv3 file header to Python snippets. aef6379
@ironcamel ironcamel A more idiomatic way to slurp files in perl. 8b418c5
@ironcamel ironcamel Oops, removing extraneous ${3} 30a95fb
@jherdman jherdman Enhanced Ruby 'do' block support
I don't like being forced to pass a variable into my 'do' blocks.
@asymmetric asymmetric Fixed tag for snipMate-syntax
Signed-off-by: asymmetric <asymmetric@autistici.org>
Lorenzo Manacorda added info about building the tag file 447ef99
@steveno steveno Add falcon pl snippets be90fd5
@steveno steveno Add common liceses to falcon dbd8dd5
@henrik henrik Create undo point before expanding snippet in insert mode. 73a7255
@henrik henrik Add "lorem" snippet.
Expands to the same "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…" placeholder text as the same snippet in TextMate.
@lilydjwg lilydjwg New way to eval `...`, and escape \
* \ is escaped as `
* the eval result in `substitute` may contain special chars,
  see |sub-replace-special|
* syntax update
@lilydjwg lilydjwg Using expr foldmethod to get better folds 29707ac


i've tried to contact msanders few times but with no luck. also some other ppl who requested pull requests also tried to contact him. since there was no commit or comment for some time i decided to take action.

i've reviewed and merged all pull requests and you can find final snipmate.vim here:

i have no intention of stealing someones else's glory and claim this package. i believe msanders is busy working on something else or maybe he just lost interest. since i'm using snimate a lot i volunteer to maintain for now. if you want to help dont hesitate to PM me.

garbas and others added some commits Feb 3, 2011
@garbas garbas added python debugger snippets 9466f01
@garbas garbas updated README 111e299
@garbas garbas some README.rst formatting 04b989c
@MarcWeber MarcWeber Merge remote branch 'garbas/master'
* garbas/master: (39 commits)
  some README.rst formatting
  updated README
  added python debugger snippets
  Using expr foldmethod to get better folds
  New way to eval `...`, and escape \
  Add "lorem" snippet.
  Create undo point before expanding snippet in insert mode.
  Add common liceses to falcon
  Add falcon pl snippets
  added info about building the tag file
  Fixed tag for snipMate-syntax
  Enhanced Ruby 'do' block support
  Oops, removing extraneous ${3}
  A more idiomatic way to slurp files in perl.
  Add GPLv3 file header to Python snippets.
  Fixed small find bug
  Small props fix
  Fixed the style a bit
  Added target properties
  Initial cmake snippets

@garbas garbas adding pdbbb snippet fcb11b4
@garbas garbas Updated README: added contributors, instructions how to install snipM…
…ate, some spellchecking of my wonderfull english, added this Changelog
@garbas garbas wrong markup for README e1665f7
@garbas garbas striping out some text 885d0ad

Thanks garbas i move to https://github.com/garbas/vim-snipmate until hearing from msanders

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