Javascript Snippet Improvement #24

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I have made a few improvements to the Javascript snippets. Most of them are perhaps a matter of taste, but if I had to pick one I would promote SHA: bf1c018. It adds a snippet for immediate functions, which JS developers use all the time, as I understand.

garbas commented Feb 3, 2011


i've tried to contact msanders few times but with no luck. also some other ppl who requested pull requests also tried to contact him. since there was no commit or comment for some time i decided to take action.

i've reviewed and merged all pull requests and you can find final snipmate.vim here:

i have no intention of stealing someones else's glory and claim this package. i believe msanders is busy working on something else or maybe he just lost interest. since i'm using snimate a lot i volunteer to maintain for now. if you want to help dont hesitate to PM me.

thisgeek commented Feb 3, 2011

Hey, what is open source for if not this? You might consider making some note of msanders in the README, just so users know the history.

garbas commented Feb 3, 2011

done ... tnx




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