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SemEval-2019 Task 5 - evaluation script

This is the official evaluation script for SemEval-2019 Task 5: Multilingual detection of hate. The script is language-independent and has been conceived in order to evaluate submissions for both task A and task B.

NOTE During the Practice phase, the prediction files submitted by participants to the task page will be evaluated for the task A, and for demonstration purposes only; if participants wish to test the script on prediction files for task B as well, they could use the version available here (see the instructions at the bottom of this page).

For the Development and Evaluation phases, the script will provide a complete evaluation for each language and task for any submitted file, provided that the latter meet the submission requirements described below.

Submission instructions

The script takes one single prediction file as input, that MUST be a TSV file structured as follows:

Task A




Task B




File names

When submitting predictions to the task page in Codalab, one single file should be uploaded for each task and language, as a zip-compressed file, and it should be named according to the language and task predictions are submitted for, therefore:

  • en_a.tsv for predictions for taskA-English
  • es_a.tsv for predictions for taskA-Spanish
  • en_b.tsv for predictions for taskB-English
  • es_b.tsv for predictions for taskB-Spanish

Submission results

The script outputs a file scorer.txt containing different scores, depending on the task. For task A it returns accuracy, precision, recall and F1-score just for the HS category. For task B it returns accuracy, precision, recall and F1-score for each category (HS, Target Type, Aggressiveness), along with the macro-averaged F1-score and the Exact Match Ratio.

Testing the script offline

In order to run the script locally, the input and output directories must match the Codalab format. The input directory must contain two subdirectories, namely res (containing the result file in TSV format with the naming convention described above) and ref containing the reference dataset (called en.tsv for English and es.tsv for Spanish). The output will be written in the file scorer.txt in the output directory. Example of file structure:

 |- ref/
     |- en.tsv
 |- res/
     |- en_a.tsv
 |- scorer.txt