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Erlang bindings to the libvirt virtualization API.
+ The libvirt API is not safe.
+ Aside from being needlessly huge and error prone, the API is
+ inconsistent: some functions require memory to be freed for one
+ type of resource but not for other resource types. Some functions
+ are blocking and will block the Erlang scheduler. Inconsistencies
+ between the same functions for different resources and the sheer
+ size of the API mean that there will be mistakes.
+ There isn't really a reason to call the libvirt API directly since
+ libvirt provides a command line shell (virsh) that can be run as a
+ port. The usual reasons given for using an NIF (speed, libraries)
+ in this case don't really apply since virsh looks to be complete and
+ using it as a port is much safer. Alternatively, it may be possible
+ to talk to libvirtd directly from Erlang.
- sudo apt-get install libvert-dev libvirt-bin
+ sudo apt-get install libvirt-dev libvirt-bin

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