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%% Linked-in driver config
%% -*- tab-width: 4;erlang-indent-level: 4;indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
%% ex: ft=erlang ts=4 sw=4 et
{port_envs, [
{"DRV_CFLAGS", "$DRV_CFLAGS -I c_src/system/include/js -O3"},
{"DRV_LDFLAGS", "$DRV_LDFLAGS c_src/system/lib/libjs_static.a c_src/system/lib/libnspr4.a"},
%% Make sure to link -lstdc++ on linux or solaris
{"(linux|solaris)", "LDFLAGS", "$LDFLAGS -lstdc++"},
%% Define flags for enabling/disable 64 bit build of NSPR
{"-32$", "NSPR_SIXTYFOUR", "--disable-64bit"},
{"-64$", "NSPR_SIXTYFOUR", "--enable-64bit"},
%% Solaris specific flags
{"solaris.*", "DRV_LDFLAGS", "$DRV_LDFLAGS -lrt"},
{"solaris.*-64$", "CFLAGS", "-m64"},
{"solaris.*-64$", "LDFLAGS", "-m64"},
%% OS X Leopard flags for 64-bit
{"darwin9.*-64$", "CFLAGS", "-m64"},
{"darwin9.*-64$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch x86_64"},
%% OS X Snow Leopard flags for 32-bit
{"darwin10.*-32$", "CFLAGS", "-m32"},
{"darwin10.*-32$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch i386"}
{port_pre_script, {"make -C c_src", ""}}.
{port_cleanup_script, "make -C c_src clean"}.
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