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1.1 - 010903 - release - Martin Björklund, Alteon WebSystems:
- timeout fix. the timeout specified is now RPC timeout, as it's
supposed to be.
- pendinglen in rpc_client was not correctly calculated.
- fixed xdr decoding of union of bool.
- using catch ingenerated code to handle rpc errors.
1.1 - 010830 - beta5 - Jim Larson, Sendmail, Inc.:
- touchups for release
1.1 - 010302 - beta4 - Martin Björklund, Alteon WebSystems:
- fixed bug: xdr generation for unions of enum failed
- added support for starting rpc_server with port 0, i.e.
it starts on a dynamic port, and uses pmap to register the port.
- fixed bug from beta3: when decoding unions, {default, Val} was
returned, instead of real tag (e.g. {'REG_ERR', Val}
- fixed bug from beta3: generated xx_svc w/ procs with more than one
argument didn't compile
1.1 - 001123 - beta3 - Martin Björklund, Alteon WebSystems:
- added doc/API.txt
- added rpc_server behaviour; erpcgen can generate code in the old
gen_server style, or in a plain callback style
- rpc_server dispatch module API changed - handles stateful callback
- added new option 'svc_callback' to erpcgen, to generate code in the
new style.
- rpc_client uses BIF timers, and cancels unused timers
- added explicit messages / callbacks to user's rpc_server
implementation to keep track of tcp connections (i.e. msgs
tcp_new and tcp_close).
o examples not updated
o more doc in API.txt
1.1 - 001113 - beta2 - Martin Björklund, Alteon WebSystems:
- from beta1: fixed bug in generated svc code
- from beta1: udp didn't work at all in rpc_client
- generate from Makefile
- NOTE: rpc_client:open returns a *linked* pid!
- removed some debug printouts from rpc_client
- using connected udp for rpc_client
- rewrote rpc_client to use explicit timers for each pending call
instead of polling each second
- corrected deviation count in rpc_client
Q: rpc_client:controlling_process doesn't make any sense. it's just a
link. the owner is not stored in the state - remove this function!
1.1 - 001110 - beta1
Martin Björklund, Alteon WebSystems:
- Generated code, rpc_server and rpc_client use the new bit
syntax in R7.
- Generated XDR code speedup approx. a factor 3.
- reg_server handles UDP (as well as TCP).
- Handles more than one version of the rpc program at the
- Uses less processes (just two); can handle code changes
better this way.
- Changed callback interface; added a client reference,
so that the server can check client address with
client_ip/1. The generated x_svc code can be used
directly as a dispatch module.
- Added rpc.x. rpc_server and rpc_client uses the generated rpc_xdr
- rpc_server handles errors from callback functions correctly.
- API changed; start_link arguments changed.
- Removed dead code; rpc_reg and xdrlib.
- Needs R7 - if you don't like that; use rpc-1.0.
Scott Fritchie and Jim Larson of Sendmail, Inc. enhance Tony Rogvall's
original work with the following enhancements:
- Changed the XDR library to work with Binaries instead
of lists of bytes. For code that handles large opaque<>
blocks, this improves the performance by an order of
magnitude or more.
- Changed the RPC client-side server to work asynchronously
and handle several outstanding requests at the same time.
- Made rpc_server: a stripped-down version of rpc_reg.
- Statistics-gathering, failure-detection and load-shunting
in rpc_clnt.
- AUTH_SYS support in rpc_clnt.
- Include complete RPC server and RPC client example code in examples/test.
Tony Rogvall's original "xdr" package.