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If you want to forward information from the logsurfer via email, then
you have to invoke an external program to deliver the mail. Usually
the input of the logfile is under control of the (possible) remote
user so you have to be very careful. Especially do *not* use any mailer,
that provides escape sequences (like ~ in most "mail" commands).

"sendmail" has no such escape chars and may be used for delivering.
Unfortunately you have no option to set the subject in sendmail :(
This small wrapper allows you to specify a subject with sendmail
(which will be inserted in the body as a "Subject:" line).

The script is pretty simple and invokes sendmail in "queue-only" mode
to avoid system overlaod due to several running sendmails.


Before using the script you should change the definition of the sender
in the script (see the line "sender=...."). This name will be used in
the "From:" line of your postings.

usage: start-mail mail-addr subject


start-mail root "Logsurfer Output"

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