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Add note about debugging dropped packets

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msantos committed Sep 20, 2010
1 parent b6f0a2d commit 90fa9a9f5aea690e5fdd6753ee0f9672aa39cf86
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@@ -116,3 +116,15 @@ TODO
* add option to enable/disable debug messages and tracing
+* have peep only display images over a certain size
+* packets are still sometimes dropped and it can be difficult to track
+ down where. Add a panopticon process when debugging is enabled. The
+ gen_server and gen_fsm will register the session and payload at key
+ points with the panopticon. The gen_fsm will delete the session,
+ either at init or before writing the file contents. The panopticon
+ process will hold the data in an ets table, along with a timestamp. The
+ only entries should be packets that were dropped for some reason or
+ sessions in flight. The data will be held in an ets table. When the
+ panopticon is not running, the session calls should be a noop.

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