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SCTP chunk's padding value is not zero #15

ates opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I've faced a strange situation when chunks's padding value was not filled with zeros, as it is stated in RFC. Here is an example of SCTP packet:


The last two bytes are "padding" and looks like it's incorrect behaviour to have value of padding different from zero.

Has someone seen anything like that before?

Please do not close this issue for some time. It's easy to fix that in pkt_sctp module, but I want to wait for someone who can share some knowledge about that.


Fixed in 87d90b5


@laf0rge, Hello Harald, do you have any idea? (I asked you because you have added initial support of SCTP in pkt, maybe you know something about that)

@ates ates closed this

@ates Apologies for the long delay, I meant to look into this. From what I can tell, with sctp, the padding should be ignored (rfc4820):

Padding Data: n bytes (unsigned integer)
      This holds the Padding Data.  The Padding Data MUST be ignored by
      the receiver.
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