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bpf: set immediate mode by default

In bpf:open/1, set immediate mode. The BIOCIMMEDIATE flags allows
a read to return immediately after a packet is received by the bpf
device, rather than waiting for the timeout to be reached (which
is set to 0/inifinity) or the bpf buffer to fill.
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1 parent 9d51ae9 commit 21ba173262a7e2eb4e19149dc77a4c734379ff58 @msantos committed Apr 21, 2011
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  1. +3 −0 src/bpf.erl
3 src/bpf.erl
@@ -426,5 +426,8 @@ init(Socket, Dev) ->
% Return packets sent from the interface
{ok, _} = ctl(Socket, seesent, true),
+ % Return packets immediately (do wait until full buffer)
+ {ok, _} = ctl(Socket, immediate, true),
% Get bpf buf len
ctl(Socket, blen).

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