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rst generates TCP RST's, sort of like you'd expect from the eponym.
So you're sitting in a Starbacks, enjoying your americano and the wifi
access, a bit covertly even, maybe using some tunnelling service to
get access on the sly. Ah, so this is what the big blue room is like;
pretty much like any server room. When the inevitable bandwidth hog shows
up, riding the corporate VPN and talking loudly on the phone, your SSH
sessions slow to crawl, not to mention your torrents. What a d*ck!
Well, rst is an anti-d*ck tool. Think of it as peer to peer QoS. If you're
lucky, you may even hear an F-bomb dropped about the "network problems".
Yeah, rst isn't about any of that. Its a "security and auditing"
tool <cough>.
rst requires libnet and libpcap.
cd rst
See: rst -h
But, in general:
sudo ./rst -d /tmp/chroot -x -i <your wifi interface>