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Use Erlang port to poll unix socket

Use erlang:open_port/2 to poll the Unix socket, similar to {active,
true} mode. The console works now.
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1 parent e0be569 commit 4d1f34d3f42b59ae87c8cb34cee9cb15b50806d2 @msantos committed Sep 14, 2012
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  2. +127 −135 src/verx_client_unix.erl
@@ -463,14 +463,11 @@ If there are any errors, read through `bin/gen_remote_protocol.escript`.
* generate verx.hrl from virnetprotocol.c
-* console: receive is broken (or send if using active mode)
* verx\_client\_tls
* single byte received before packet (works if thrown away)
* verx\_client\_tcp
* gen\_server halts when receiving a tcp\_closed message, causes an
error if the caller does a verx\_client:close/1
-* need to support multiple, active calls?
- * have a process per serial number with a timeout
+* merge the Unix, TCP and TLS transports
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