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This project contains the source code for Mark Sayson's personal blog:

Jekyll is used to generate the blog's layout and pages from Markdown. See for information on how to use Jekyll to build static web sites.

Developer notes

Setting up a developer workspace

  • Clone this repository to your preferred directory.
  • Install Ruby and Bundler.
  • Run bundle install to install dependencies required by the project.

Running the website locally

bundle exec jekyll serve will run the website on a local server, accessible in a browser via localhost:4000.

Code changes will be reflected on the website after refreshing the page.

Upgrading dependencies

The bundle update command can be used to upgrade any of the dependencies specified in Gemfile and Gemfile.lock.

Note: Developers can specify which versions or version ranges of first-level dependencies they want to use in Gemfile, and Bundler generates the full dependency chain with exact versions in Gemfile.lock to ensure that all servers hosting the application are using the same dependency stack.

This repository intentionally does not specify dependency versions in the main Gemfile, with the understanding that updates to dependency versions will be tested before pushing Gemfile.lock changes to the repository.

For example, to update the github-pages gem and its dependency tree, run bundle update github-pages, which will retrieve the latest dependency tree for github-pages that is consistent with the Gemfile (here we do not specify the version, so we grab the latest release) and update our local dependency tree.

Test the changes by running bundle exec jekyll serve and verifying website functionality before committing and pushing the changes.


The following directories and their content are Copyright Mark Sayson. You may not reuse their content without my permission:

  • _posts
  • images

All other files are open source under the MIT license, so feel free to reuse and modify the code as you like.

Best wishes!


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