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FASTA (human_cds.fasta)

  1. Parse the FASTA file in to a dictionary.
  2. What is the frequency of each nucleotide in the file?
  3. What percentage of each sequence is G or C? make a table with the seqid in the first column and the percent G/C in the second.
  4. Stretch goal: (maybe when you get home and are looking for something to do) calculate the entropy in the whole file.

FASTQ (four_reads.fastq)

  1. trim the first 5 bases off of each read. (remember to trim the quality scores as well)
  2. What fraction of the nucleotides in the file have a quality score greater than 30?
  3. Stretch goal: trim off any bases from the beginning and end of each read that have a quality of less than 30.

SAM (little_sam.sam)

  1. Read the SAM file into a python script.
  2. Use the MI tags to calculate the number of reads per molecule.
  3. Stretch goal: Use the MI tags and the alignment position to estimate the average molecule length

GFF3 (protein_coding_genes.gff)

  1. Calculate the number of genes in the file.
  2. What is the average gene length?
  3. Use the exon feature types and the parent information in column 9 to calculate the average number of exons per transcript.
  4. Stretch goal: Use the GFF3 file to reconstruct the CDS of a gene and translate it into amino acids.
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