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andris9 commented Sep 23, 2013

Hey, you might be interested in an IMAP integration testing server I created to write integration tests. It is a mock IMAP server that doesn't store anything to disk and can be started and closed easily. This way you wouldn't have to test against external servers (Eg. Gmail) and you can skip installing a localhost server (eg Cyrus, Dovecot) as well. Additionally any test would start always with the same exact server state.

Here is an example gist for connecting node-imap to a test IMAP server.

My interest is in the fact that the server is not bug free and if it would be used to test node-imap, server bugs should be more easy to discover.


@andris9 Have you thought of making a full-fledged IMAP server in Node? We already have Haraka, it would nice a nice addition 👯

andris9 commented Feb 18, 2014

Actually I have, and other people have too thought about creating an IMAP server in Node. But it is quite a big task to do "just for the fun". There are pretty solid non-node alternatives out there like Dovecot and to accomplish the same level of stability would take just too long. SMTP is a toy protocol compared to IMAP and Haraka is already a pretty big project.

mscdex commented Feb 18, 2014

@andris9 @alessioalex FWIW I came across a project the other day whose goal is to be the Haraka of IMAP.

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