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Error opening terminal: xterm. #22

trusktr opened this Issue Nov 19, 2012 · 9 comments


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trusktr commented Nov 19, 2012

I get that error when trying the short three line ACS example in the documentation or any of the examples in the examples folder.

If I try it on a tty, I get "Error opening terminal: linux."

I've never used ncurses beore, let alone node-ncurses, but I wanna try it. :D

Any idea what's wrong?

Hey trustktr,

Have you tried cloning the master branch yet? I had the same issue, which was resolved by using the version as found on github rather than using NPM version.



mscdex commented Nov 20, 2012

@briandeheus The npm version (0.3.1) should be sufficient, as I published only two commits ago (the latest is just a change to the readme).

@trusktr I'm not sure why you're getting this. Are you sure you're using the latest version? Am I correct in assuming you are in fact on Linux? Do you happen to have any ncurses packages installed (they shouldn't be necessary, but trying to figure this out)?

Niggler commented Nov 20, 2012

@trusktr have you tried running in xterm? have you tried setting TERM to something like xterm?

trusktr commented Nov 26, 2012

@mscdex Yeah, I'm in Linux (Arch). I'm trying ncurses 0.3.1. I have ncurses 5.9 installed on my system and I've used many apps made with ncurses.

@Niggler Yeah, I'm in gnome-terminal and $TERM=xterm.

trusktr commented Nov 26, 2012

@briandeheus Interesting, I tried the latest from git and it works. The one from npm doesn't work.

trusktr commented Nov 26, 2012

There seem to be quite some diffferences between the npm version and git version. For example, the npm version contains tons of files in deps/libncurses/terminfo/A whereas the git version does not. There are many more folders like that. And vice versa, the git version also contains some folders with many files that the npm version doesn't have. I'm looking at it through meld (diff viewer).


mscdex commented Nov 26, 2012

@trusktr Ah yes, that's true, I had forgotten about that. I do a lot of dev work on Windows and paths/filenames are case-insensitive there. So when I pushed to github, directories were missing. I must have published to npm from Linux.

I'm not sure why the git version would contain files that the npm version does not ....

trusktr commented Nov 26, 2012

Hehe, yeah, working between Windows and Linux can be confusing. That's why I stick with Linux. :D I only need Windows to publish Windows Phone apps to market, otherwise I'm all Linux. xD Hope you can get it all sorted out. I've seen a hack floating around somewhere to make Windows case-sensitive, but haven't tried it yet. Here's some discussion on that: http://superuser.com/questions/266110/how-do-you-make-windows-7-fully-case-sensitive-with-respect-to-the-filesystem

arscan commented Jan 17, 2013

For what its worth, I just had the same problems in ubuntu 12.04 when installing from npm, but grabbing the master from github worked.

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