Can't resize my windows after SIGWINCH #23

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Thanks @mscdex for your bindings!

* Find out why after calling endwin and refresh, the LINES and COLS globals are
  not updated appropriately after SIGWINCH.
  Also, ncurses' SIGWINCH handler that is included by default during build time
  does not cause a keyboard event to fire when it inserts KEY_RESIZE into the
  keyboard buffer, it merely uses ungetch to push it onto the top of the buffer.

Do you have some information about this point from TODO?
I can't resize my windows:

var redrawNowPlayingWindow = function () {
    var lineNo = parseInt(nowPlayingWindow.height / 2 - 1);

    nowPlayingWindow.centertext(lineNo, currentTrackMetadata.artist.join(', '));
    nowPlayingWindow.centertext(lineNo + 1, nc.lines.toString());

process.on('SIGWINCH', function () {
    nowPlayingWindow.resize(nc.lines, nc.cols);

Try doing a nc.cleanup before your call to resize. I don't know if it's the "right" thing to do, or if there's a better way to do it. But it works for me at least.


This is a bit of a killer, would really like to see this one fixed because it means that we're stuck with window sizes on startup. :\


I've just bumped up against this as well. Anyone have any insight into where the problem might lie? I think I've chased the nc.lines and nc.cols properties to here in

 static Handle<Value> LinesStateGetter (Local<String> property,
                                        const AccessorInfo& info) {
   assert(property == lines_state_symbol);

   HandleScope scope;

   return scope.Close(Integer::New(LINES));

 static Handle<Value> ColsStateGetter (Local<String> property,
                                       const AccessorInfo& info) {
   assert(property == cols_state_symbol);

   HandleScope scope;

   return scope.Close(Integer::New(COLS));

But I'm way beyond my C++ knowledge at this point.

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