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Problems with reentering curses mode #25

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bpytlik danielbprice

I'm having trouble with using ncurses as one mode of my program. Basically, sometimes I want to have a curses style interface, and sometimes I want a more traditional readline interface (with the initial interface being the non-curses one). I'm able to successfully start the ncurses interface the first time. If I close all the windows, I end up back at the readline interface as expected. When I try to return to the curses interface the next time though, the program aborts with this error:
Invalid number and/or types of arguments

I also tried using nc.leave and nc.restore, but there the problem is that after nc.leave finishes, the curses objects are consuming the characters coming in on stdin.

After poking around in the code a bit, I think the problems can be solved (i'm trying out the changes now). It left me wondering though if there was some interface I'm missing to do what I'd like to do.


bpytlik bpytlik referenced this issue from a commit in bpytlik/node-ncurses
bpytlik bpytlik Add support for modal usage of ncurses windows
Fixes #25.

+1 for fixing this, please!

Brian White mscdex closed this in #26
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