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heavyk commented Mar 4, 2013

I was checkin out your widgets and they're pretty cool...

though, I just remembered the cli program called dialog. there are tons of things you can do with it, and the source is written by the same guy as ncurses. (right, I'm sure you knew that... lolz)


author's site:

debian sources:

so, I was kinda in the middle of doing a sencillo-cli interface for the sencillo module, right... and I'm still not to that code yet, but I could imagine that I might do bindings for dialog, to avoid having to rewrite so much in js. would you prefer that I fork your ncurses and do it on top (cause it uses ncurses a whole bunch) or make a new module with ncurses statically linked in? -- or try and work out better widgets? (just kinda thinking out loud here...)


+1 for a hypothetical node-dialog-cli module. But i don't have C skill, i can't help :(

Finally, yesterday i've started a dialog bind with node-ffi, it's "simple" to do. But we are far away as what we can do with ncurses.

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