TypeError: Object s���h½�▒▒^�# has no method 'charCodeAt' #12

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omoss commented Feb 20, 2014

I get the following error while trying to run test.js in a blank project using Node v0.10.25:

          hash[i] = oldhash.charCodeAt(i);
TypeError: Object s���h½�▒▒^�# has no method 'charCodeAt'
    at OscarConnection._login (/home/user/oscarTest/node_modules/oscar/oscar.js:2676:29)
    at /home/user/oscarTest/node_modules/oscar/oscar.js:2653:62
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

username and password have been changed in test.js to valid values.

omoss commented Feb 20, 2014

I applied the changes from the latest commit d98acf8 manually and it kinda works again.

it will connect and receive messages, but the sendIM function fails due to _createFLAP:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'seqNum' of undefined
    at OscarConnection._createFLAP (/home/user/oscarTest/node_modules/oscar/oscar.js:2941:35)
    at OscarConnection.sendIM (/home/user/oscarTest/node_modules/oscar/oscar.js:168:19)

The _createFlap function appears to be receiving an undefined conn parameter when called from sendIM on line 168.

sendIM is sending self._state.connections.main as the conn parameter, and self._state.connections.main appears to be undefined after login.

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