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mscHack Plugins for VCV Rack 0.6.0



  • 14 May 18 [v0.6.2]
    • [NEW] "ENVY 9", a 9 channel envelope editor/generator
      • All channels synced to an input beat
      • 5 speed multipliers
      • loop, reverse, ping pong, one shot and two shot modes
      • each channel externally triggerable
      • each channel external gated hold
      • hand drawable patterns
    • 24 Channel mixer
      • Added pre-fader option for AUXs
      • Menu option for Group out pre-mute, and 1.5x mixer gain
      • Added pre EQ makeup gain, input signal was being attenuated
    • ARP700 -Added pattern copy; (while paused) Select pattern to copy, press copy button, press pattern to copy to
    • SEQ 6x32 -Copy now like Triad and Arp. Now you can copy patterns between channels -Added two more output level knobs -Added a pattern clear button -improved random pattern generation
    • Triad2 -Now you can copy patterns between channels


  • "ENVY 9", a 9 channel envelope editor/generator
  • 4 Channel Master Clock
  • 3 Channel 16 Step Programmable Sequencer.
  • 6 Channel 32 Step Sequencer
  • Mixer 1x4, 2x4 and 4x4 (with EQ, 4xAUX buses, and 2 x amplification )
  • Triad Sequencer (Type 2), with Independantly clocked channels
  • Synth Drums
  • 3 Channel Oscillator with Filter and Amp Envelope (latest has multi oscillator capability)
  • Ping Pong Delay
  • Compressor (a work in progress...)
  • X Fade, 3 stereo channel cross fader
  • ARP 700, 7 note arpeggiator.
  • Maude 221 wave combiner
  • Step Delay

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