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The USB motor stepper (UMS) consists of a client running on a PC (Windows, Linux, or Mac) that communicates with a cheap embedded board to control up to 4 stepper motors. The embedded board outputs 4 pairs of step and direction signals and optionally accepts 4 pairs of forward and reverse limit signals. The timing between steps is controlled to 1 microsecond precision. Instructions for the steppers are provided in a simple text file.

A complete solution for driving stepper motors requires more than just this software. A supported embedded processor board is needed as well as a stepper motor driver to convert the digital signals into drive power for the motors. Currently, only a single embedded processor board is supported--the Olimex LPC-P1343 which is available from several vendors for ~$20. There are many choices for stepper motor drivers including Xylotex, EasyDriver, and HobbyCNC. Note that any driver designed to be connected to a PC parallel port can also be used with the UMS.

Quick Start

Write a script
Test your script with the Simulator
Setup your LPC-P1343 Device