A Movable Type plugin that adds a ConfigDirective tag to display the value of configuration directives
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ConfigDirective Plugin for Movable Type

This plugin adds a <mt:ConfigDirective> tag to Movable Type. You can use it to display the value of any configuration directive found in the mt-config.cgi file.


<mt:ConfigDirective name="SearchThrottleSeconds">

WARNING: Theoretically this can also be used to display your database password and other sensitive settings. So don't install/use this plugin if untrustworthy people have access to the template settings of your system.


This plugin should work under MT4.x and MT5.x


Unpack and copy the ConfigDirective folder into the 'plugins' folder of your MT installation


<mt:ConfigDirective name="NAME_OF_DIRECTIVE">

License & Credit

It is only 12 lines of Perl code (blank lines included) and a configuration file, but still...

This plugin was written by Maarten Schenk (maarten@yesitcan.be) of http://www.yesitcan.be and http://www.movabletips.com in 2012. You are free to use this plugin on your Movable Type installation for any purpose provided you leave this message intact.