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JPA Connector for Spring Social
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Spring Social JPA is a plugin for Spring Social that allows you to use JPA as a basis for your repository as opposed to straight JDBC.

Setting up jpa

In order to set up your jpa environment you will need to implement a number of interfaces:

  • RemoteUser: This interface represents your model class for storing the user connection information
  • SocialUserManager: This interface represents the interaction with the jpa environment: the queries for storing and retrieving connections.

Configuration options jpa connection repository

These days, it's getting more and more common to initialize Spring applications through @Configuration. You can also do this for Spring Social JPA

public class SocialConfig{


The only thing different from the @EnableJdbcConnectionRepository configuration (see original documentation) is the "jpaTemplate" attribute.


The jpaTemplate will reference the component that implements the SocialUserManager interface.

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