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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use diagnostics;
use IO::Socket::INET;
use IO::Socket::SSL;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use POSIX qw(setsid strftime);
use Fcntl qw(:flock);
use Mail::IMAPClient 3.18;
use MIME::EncWords qw(:all);
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use URI::Escape;
# Config file syntax, see .cfg-example
my $config = read_config();
# Check which push service was selected
my $push_service = '';
my $prowl_app;
my $prowl_key;
my $pushover_user;
my $pushover_app;
if ($config->{'push_service'}){
$push_service = $config->{'push_service'};
if ($push_service eq 'prowl'){
$prowl_app = $config->{'prowl_app'} or die "prowl not properly configured\n";
$prowl_key = $config->{'prowl_key'} or die "prowl not properly configured\n";
}elsif($push_service eq 'pushover'){
$pushover_user = $config->{'pushover_user'} or die "pushover not properly configured\n";
$pushover_app = $config->{'pushover_app'} or die "pushover not properly configured\n";
my $imap_host = $config->{'imap_host'};
my $imap_port = $config->{'imap_port'};
my $imap_user = $config->{'imap_user'};
my $imap_pass = $config->{'imap_pass'};
my $imap_box = $config->{'imap_box'};
my $imap_ssl = $config->{'imap_ssl'};
my $logfile;
if ($config->{'logfile'}){
$logfile = $config->{'logfile'};
if ($logfile =~ /^syslog:/){
use Sys::Syslog qw(:standard);
my $pidfile;
if ($config->{'pidfile'}){
$pidfile = glob($config->{'pidfile'});
my $ssl_verify;
if ($config->{'ssl_verify'}){
$ssl_verify = $config->{'ssl_verify'};
my $ssl_CApath;
if ($config->{'ssl_CApath'}){
$ssl_CApath = $config->{'ssl_CApath'};
my $fromregexStr;
if ($config->{'from_regex'}){
$fromregexStr = read_re_file($config->{'from_regex'});
my $subjregexStr;
if ($config->{'subj_regex'}){
$subjregexStr = read_re_file($config->{'subj_regex'});
my $startup_notify = 'no';
if ($config->{'startup_notify'}){
$startup_notify = $config->{'startup_notify'};
my $exit_notify = 'no';
if ($config->{'exit_notify'}){
$exit_notify = $config->{'exit_notify'};
my $crash_notify = 'yes';
if ($config->{'crash_notify'}){
$crash_notify = $config->{'crash_notify'};
# Open Pidfile and lock it, if requested.
my $lock_fh;
if ($pidfile){
open $lock_fh, "+>$pidfile" or die "Could not create $pidfile: $!\n";
if (flock($lock_fh,LOCK_EX|LOCK_NB)){
dolog('debug', "Lockfile created: $pidfile");
close $lock_fh;
die "Abort: Another instance seems to be running!\n";
# Dump module versions. For debugging.
dolog('debug', "IO::Socket::INET has version: $IO::Socket::INET::VERSION");
dolog('debug', "IO::Socket::SSL has version: $IO::Socket::SSL::VERSION");
dolog('debug', "Mail::IMAPClient has version: $Mail::IMAPClient::VERSION");
dolog('debug', "MIME::EncWords has version: $MIME::EncWords::VERSION");
# Fork unless told otherwise
# set environment NOFORK=1 to run in foreground
# e.g.: NOFORK=1 ./ config.cfg
unless ($ENV{'NOFORK'}){
fork && exit;
dolog('info', "Backgrounding. PID is $$.");
chdir ('/');
open STDIN, "/dev/null" or die "STDIN </dev/null: $!\n";
open STDOUT, ">/dev/null" or die "STDOUT >/dev/null: $!\n";
open STDERR, ">/dev/null" or die "STDERR >/dev/null: $!\n";
# Write PID to pidfile, if requested.
if ($pidfile){
print $lock_fh "$$\n";
# Flush the lockfile's filehandle, perlfaq5:
select((select($lock_fh), $| = 1)[0]);
dolog('debug', "PID $$ written to pidfile: $pidfile");
# Holds connections throughout multiple cycles of the main loop.
my $imap;
my $socket;
if ($startup_notify and ($startup_notify =~ /^(yes|true|1)$/i)){
# Tell the owner that I'm coming up.
dolog('info', 'Notifying owner about startup.');
notify('Startup', "GhettoPush for ${imap_user}\@${imap_host} is up and running.", '');
dolog('info', "Notification on startup not requested.");
# Track whether the program has been killed.
my $exitasap = 0;
# Signal handlers. Beware, these are manipulated later on.
$SIG{'TERM'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; };
$SIG{'INT'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; };
# The main loop revolves around IDLE-recycling as mandated by RFC 2177
while(0 == $exitasap){
dolog('debug', 'Start main loop.');
# See if we are connected.
if ($imap and $imap->noop){
dolog('debug', 'Connection checked: still alive');
dolog('debug', 'Connection checked: needs reconnect.');
$imap->disconnect if ($imap);
dolog('info', 'Connecting to IMAP.');
# Open IMAP connection.
my $returned = connect_imap();
$imap = $returned->{'imap'};
$socket = $returned->{'socket'};
unless ($imap){
dolog('err', 'No IMAP session was established. Retry after 60 seconds.');
sleep 60;
unless ($imap->IsSelected()){
dolog('err', "Failed to select folder: $imap_box - Exiting.");
# Peek means, don't change any message flags.
# Do not use Uids for transactions, so we can work with the
# sequence ID from IDLE EXISTS
# Synchronize message gauge from message count
dolog('debug', 'Requesting message count from server.');
my $gauge = $imap->message_count;
dolog('debug', "$gauge messages on server.");
# RFC2177 demands re-cycling the connection once in a while.
my $interval = 25*60; # 25 minutes
# Send session into idle state
dolog('debug', 'About to enter IDLE state.');
my $session = $imap->idle;
unless ($session){
dolog('err', 'Could not initiate IDLE state. Non-recoverable error? Exiting!');
dolog('debug', "IDLE state entered. Session ID is: $session");
# Track how long we've been in IDLE state.
my $idle_start = time();
eval {
# Perl Cookbook 16.21: "Timing Out an Operation"
$SIG{'ALRM'} = sub { die "__TIMEOUT__" };
# Handle signals inside eval different than outside.
$SIG{'TERM'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; die "__KILLED__" };
$SIG{'INT'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; die "__KILLED__" };
dolog('debug', "Start eval. Alarm set. Gauge at $gauge. Nibbling on the raw socket.");
dolog('debug', "Socket is: " . $socket->sockhost. ':' . $socket->sockport . '->' . $socket->peerhost . ':' . $socket->peerport );
# Compatibility magic for never versions of Mail::IMAPClient ca. 3.25-3.28
my $oldblocking = $socket->blocking();
my $newblocking = $socket->blocking();
dolog('debug', "Forcing socket to blocking mode. Status old -> new: $oldblocking -> $newblocking");
while(my $in = <$socket>){
dolog('debug', "read from socket: $in");
if ($in =~ /\b(\d+) EXPUNGE\b/i){
dolog('debug', 'Expunge event from socket.');
# EXPUNGE means that one message has been deleted.
# Lower gauge by 1. Can't count mailbox contents here,
# as session is in IDLE state.
dolog('debug', "Expunge $1, now at $gauge messages.");
}elsif (($in =~ /\b(\d+) EXISTS\b/i) and ($1 > $gauge)){
# EXISTS means that one message has been created.
# Only act if the reported ID is higher than our gauge.
# Cancel alarm so we don't get killed while PROWLing.
my $exists_id = $1;
dolog('debug', "Received $exists_id EXISTS from IMAP.");
# Bail out of the IDLE session and pick up the new message.
# Retrieve and mangle new message headers.
my $header = $imap->parse_headers($exists_id, 'Subject', 'From', 'Message-ID');
unless ($header){
dolog('warning', 'Empty message details. Skipping prowl, killing IMAP session.');
my $subjraw = $header->{'Subject'}->[0] ? $header->{'Subject'}->[0] : '';
my $fromraw = $header->{'From'}->[0] ? $header->{'From'}->[0] : '<>';
my $msgid = $header->{'Message-ID'}->[0] ? $header->{'Message-ID'}->[0] : '';
my $msgurl = 'message://' . uri_escape($msgid);
my $subject = decode_mimewords($subjraw, Charset => 'utf-8');
my $from = decode_mimewords($fromraw, Charset => 'utf-8');
dolog('info', "New message from $from, Subject: $subject");
# Do we want to ignore this From: address?
if ($config->{'from_regex'} and ($from =~ m/$fromregexStr/i)) {
die "__DONT_PROWL_FROM__";
} elsif ($config->{'subj_regex'} and ($subject =~ m/$subjregexStr/i)) {
die "__DONT_PROWL_SUBJ__";
} else {
notify('New Mail', "From $from, Subject: $subject", $msgurl) or die '__PROWL_FAIL__';
# Exit loop and eval from here; let the main loop restart IDLE.
die "__DONE__";
# I don't seem to get the hang of eval. "last" doesn't work here.
# Please, if you can, submit something else. ;-)
dolog('debug', "Ignoring data from socket: $in");
# Handle signals outside eval different than inside.
$SIG{'TERM'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; };
$SIG{'INT'} = sub { $exitasap = 1; };
# Handle different states how IDLE may have ended.
dolog('debug', "Eval has ended. \$\@ contains: $@");
sleep 5;
if ($@ =~ /__TIMEOUT__/){
my $idle_end = time();
my $idle_duration = $idle_end - $idle_start;
dolog('info', "Recycling IDLE session after $idle_duration seconds.");
}elsif($@ =~ /__DONE__/){
dolog('info', 'Done, notification sent.');
}elsif($@ =~ /__PROWL_SKIP_EMPTY__/){
dolog('warning', 'Skipped bogus message details.');
}elsif($@ =~ /__DONT_PROWL_FROM__/){
dolog('info', "Skipped because From matches RE.");
}elsif($@ =~ /__DONT_PROWL_SUBJ/){
dolog('info', "Skipped because Subject matches RE.");
}elsif($@ =~ /__PROWL_FAIL__/){
dolog('warning', 'Prowl failed. Better luck next time?');
}elsif($@ =~ /__KILLED__/){
dolog('debug', 'Kill received while working the socket loop.');
dolog('warning', 'Socket read loop ended by itself. Disconnected from server?');
dolog('debug', 'Main loop has ended, preparing for exit.');
if (0 == $exitasap){
if ($crash_notify and ($crash_notify =~ /^(yes|true|1)$/i)){
# Exiting without being killed. Notify owner.
dolog('info', 'Notifying owner about unexpected exit.');
notify('Unexpected Exit', "GhettoPush for ${imap_user}\@${imap_host} exiting unexpectedly. Please check logs!", '');
dolog('info', "Notification on crash not requested.");
}elsif (1 == $exitasap) {
if ($exit_notify and ($exit_notify =~ /^(yes|true|1)$/i)){
# Controlled exit. Notify owner.
dolog('info', 'Notifying owner about controlled exit.');
notify('Killed', "GhettoPush for ${imap_user}\@${imap_host} exiting. (Killed.)", '');
dolog('info', "Notification on controlled exit not requested.");
dolog('info', 'Exiting.');
exit 0;
sub notify{
my $event = shift;
my $message = shift;
my $addurl = shift;
unless ($push_service){
dolog('debug', 'No push service configured. Does this make sense?');
if ($push_service eq 'prowl'){
notify_by_prowl($event, $message, $addurl);
}elsif($push_service eq 'pushover'){
notify_by_pushover($event, $message, $addurl);
sub notify_by_prowl{
my $event = shift;
my $message = shift;
my $addurl = shift;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();
my $url = sprintf("",
my $request = HTTP::Request->new(GET => $url);
my $response = $ua->request($request);
if ($response->is_success){
dolog('debug', 'Prowl notification succeeded.');
}elsif ($response->code == 401){
dolog('debug', 'Prowl failed (incorrect API key)');
dolog('debug', 'Prowl notification failed:' . $response->content);
sub notify_by_pushover{
my $event = shift;
my $message = shift;
my $addurl = shift;
my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new();
my $url = sprintf("",
dolog('debug', 'URL is: ' . $url);
my $request = HTTP::Request->new(POST => $url);
my $response = $ua->request($request);
if ($response->is_success){
dolog('debug', 'Pushover notification succeeded.');
dolog('debug', 'Pushover notification failed:' . $response->content);
sub connect_imap{
# Wee need the IMAP object for IMAP transaction
# as well as the raw socket for listening in on IDLE state.
# This subroutine returns them both.
my $return;
dolog('debug', 'Control is now in connect_imap()');
# Instantiate Socket in plain or in SSL, depending on
# configuration.
if ($imap_ssl and ($imap_ssl =~ /^(yes|true|1)$/i)){
dolog('info', "Starting SSL connection to $imap_host:$imap_port.");
my %ssl_verify_opts;
if ($ssl_verify and ($ssl_verify =~ /^(yes|true|1)$/i)){
%ssl_verify_opts = (
SSL_verify_mode => 1,
SSL_ca_path => $ssl_CApath
$return->{'socket'} = IO::Socket::SSL->new(
PeerAddr => $imap_host,
PeerPort => $imap_port,
Timeout => 30,
if ($return->{'socket'}){
my $subject_cn = $return->{'socket'}->peer_certificate('owner');
my $issuer_cn = $return->{'socket'}->peer_certificate('authority');
dolog('info', "SSL subject: $subject_cn");
dolog('info', "SSL issuer: $issuer_cn");
dolog('err', "SSL connection to $imap_host failed: ".IO::Socket::SSL::errstr());
return $return;
dolog('info', "Starting plaintext connection to $imap_host:$imap_port.");
$return->{'socket'} = IO::Socket::INET->new(
PeerAddr => $imap_host,
PeerPort => $imap_port,
Timeout => 30
unless ($return->{'socket'}){
dolog('err', "Connection to $imap_host failed.");
return $return;
$return->{'imap'} = Mail::IMAPClient->new(
Socket => $return->{'socket'},
User => $imap_user,
Password => $imap_pass,
Timeout => 60
unless ($return->{'imap'}->IsAuthenticated()){
dolog('err', "IMAP authentication on $imap_host failed.");
dolog('debug', 'About to return the IMAP client object from connect_imap()');
return $return;
# Shamelessly copied from the Perl Cookbook, 8.16.
sub read_config {
die "Please specify configuration file!\n" unless ($ARGV[0]);
my %cfdata;
open my $cf_in, "<$ARGV[0]" or die "Can't read $ARGV[0]: $!\n";
chomp; # no newline
s/^\s*#.*//; # no comments
s/^\s+//; # no leading white
s/\s+$//; # no trailing white
next unless length; # anything left?
my ($var, $value) = split(/\s*=\s*/, $_, 2);
$cfdata{$var} = $value;
close $cf_in;
return \%cfdata;
sub dolog {
my $lvl = shift;
my $msg = shift;
chomp $msg;
if ($lvl eq "debug"){
return unless ($ENV{'DEBUG'});
print STDERR strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S [$lvl] $msg\n", localtime(time));
if ($logfile){
if ($logfile =~ /^syslog:(.+)$/){
# Syslog here
my $tag = "GhettoPush/$1";
my $facility = 'mail';
openlog($tag, 'pid', $facility);
syslog($lvl, $msg);
$logfile = glob($logfile);
open my $log_out, ">>$logfile" or die "Can't write to $logfile: $!\n";
print $log_out strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S [$lvl] $msg\n",localtime(time));
close $log_out;
sub read_re_file {
my $re_file = shift;
die "RE file missing!\n" unless ($re_file);
my @re;
open my $re_in, "<$re_file" or die "Can't read $re_file: $!\n";
next if /^#/;
next unless length; # anything left?
push @re, $_;
close $re_in;
my $reStr = "("
. (join "|",@re)
. ")";
return $reStr;