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Data structures storing data with variable bit length.
C++ C
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Data structures storing data with variable bit length. Please note that libvarbit does no automatic sign extension for signed values, you have to do it yourself: e.g using Sean Anderson's excellent Bit Twiddling Hacks.


googletest (1.5) FAQ DOC1 DOC2

PAPI (4.1) (only needed for our benchmarks)


To install the library execute make install.


To run the tests execute make check. Please make sure to run the tests before submitting changes. Our code follows the Google C++ Style Guide with the exception of using the iostreams library. We encourage usage of the lint tool (execute: make style).


We implemented 3 synthetic benchmarks measuring sequential read, random read and insertion against a plain std::vector. To build the benchmarks execute make. To run those execute make benchmark.

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