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-## Requirements
+## Prerequisites
1. Must have Android-Couchbase imported into the workspace
+## Step
+1. git clone the repo and add it to your Eclipse workspace
+2. Check that the Couchbase-Android library reference is correct (right-click on the project, click on the Android tab and look for a green check in the library section)
+3. Clean the project after importing to regenerate files
+## Deviations from the iOS version
+Android typically uses a long-click to trigger additional action, as opposed to swipe-to-delete, so this convention was followed.
+## Known Issues
+1. Artifacts from iOS were used, may need to be updated to look nice on other devices
+2. The following actions are not asynchronous and cause the app to hang
+ - Initial Push/Pull syncs
+ - Add Item
+ - Toggle Check Item
+ - Delete Item
+ (In case you're wonder what actually IS asynchronous, the table updates off of the changes feed off the main thread)
+3. Unlike the iOS version we have to handle the Sync URL changing at runtime (not currently handled, if you change it, exit the app and restart)
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