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Graphite output plugin for collectd
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An output plugin for collectd.


The write_graphite plugin sends data to Carbon, the Graphite backend. Data is sent in 4K blocks over TCP to Carbon. I could possibly have named this plugin write_carbon.


First, modify the variables at the top of the Makefile to fit your system. (I use FreeBSD.) Then continue making the project as usual. During the initial make, collectd will be downloaded and configured to provide the neccesary libtool script.

$ git clone
$ cd collectd-write_graphite
$ make
$ sudo make install


Enable the plugin in collectd.conf by adding:

LoadPlugin write_graphite

Configure the plugin to match your carbon configuration.

<Plugin write_graphite>
    Host "localhost"
    Port 2003
    Prefix "collectd."

Restart collectd to load the new plugin.

Available Carbon Configuration Directives

  • Host required

    The hostname of the Carbon collection agent.

  • Port required

    The port used by the Carbon collect agent.

  • Prefix

    The prefix string prepended to the hostname that is sent to Carbon. Use dots (.) to create folders. A good choise might be "collectd." or "servers."

  • Postfix

    The postfix string appended to the hostname sent to Carbon.

  • DotCharacter

    The character used to replace dots (.) in a hostname or datasource name. Defaults to an underscore.

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