Docker image configuration for Subsonic media streamer
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This project is dormant and dreams of the fjords. See anarcat/debian-airsonic for a substitute.

This repository contains configuration files for building a Docker ( image for the Subsonic media streamer.


Build your own image

$ docker build -t <your-name>/debian-subsonic debian-subsonic

Get a pre-built image

A current image is available as a trusted build from the Docker index:

$ docker pull  mschuerig/debian-subsonic

The repository page is at

Run a container with this image

$ docker run \
  --detach \
  --publish 4040:4040 \
  --volume "/wherever/your/music/is:/var/music:ro" \


The host music directory mounted into the container at /var/music must be readable by user subsonic (UID 10000).

If you use a volume for the container's /var/subsonic, the host directory mounted there must have read-write-execute permissions for user subsonic (UID 10000).