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Display real time BART departures in Emacs!
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bart-mode provides long awaited access to real-time BART departure information from within Emacs:



Available from Melpa package repository.

Or to install manually, clone this repo and in your config file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/bart-mode")
(require 'bart-mode)


The default station can be set with bart-station which must be set to a recognized station abbreviation. For example, to set your default station to civic center:

(setq bart-station 'civc)

The complete list of abbreviations can be viewed by using M-x describe-variable on bart-stations

By default the bart buffer is displayed with display-buffer. The option bart-manage-window can be used to display the bart window similar to how the calc window is displayed. This is disabled by default, to enable:

(setq bart-manage-window t)

These options, and others, may also be set using customize: M-x customize-group and selecting the bart group


To view real time bart departures:

M-x bart

supported key commands:

sselect another station
atoggle station abbreviation

API key

Bart-mode comes with the public API key. If BART revokes this key due to abuse you may have to register for your own at

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