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1 parent cd89b51 commit c46335e301e844cb6a7f43a91baa5f361c04e88b Michael Schwartz committed Jun 21, 2012
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@@ -6,38 +6,45 @@ if [ "$OSTYPE" != "darwin11" ] ; then
# exit immediately if a simple command exits with a non-zero status.
-set -e
-trap "echo Installation failed. Aborting." EXIT
+#set -e
+#trap "echo Installation failed. Aborting." EXIT
-INSTALLDIR = "/usr/local"
if [ -e "$SILKJS" ] ; then
echo "Updating SilkJS in $SILKJS"
+ rm -f /usr/local/bin/silkjs /usr/local/bin/httpd-silk.js
+ rm -rf /usr/local/silkjs
echo "Installing SilkJS in $SILKJS"
-# assure INSTALLDIR and SILKJS directories exist and have proper permissions
-# a neat trick here is that on Ubuntu and OSX, the user is in group admin
-# so we can chmod 775 /usr/local and chgrp it to admin and write to it
-# without sudo (after the install)
-if [ ! -d "$INSTALLDIR" ] ; then
- echo
- echo "$INSTALLDIR doesn't exist. Creating it with sudo, so you may be asked for your password."
- sudo /bin/mkdir "$INSTALLDIR"
- sudo /usr/bin/chgrp admin "$INSTALLDIR"
- sudo /bin/chmod 775 "$PARENT"
-elif [ ! -w "$INSTALLDIR" -o ! -w "$INSTALLDIR/bin" ]; then
+ echo "You may be asked to enter your password."
+ echo "This is so the /usr/local directory can be made writable for the install."
- echo "Setting permissions on $INSTALLDIR, and $INSTALLDIR/bin"
- echo "You may be asked for your password."
- echo
- sudo /bin/mkdir -p "$INSTALLDIR/bin"
- sudo /bin/chmod g+rwx "$INSTALLDIR"
- sudo /bin/chmod g+rwx "$INSTALLDIR/bin"
+ sudo chgrp admin /usr/local /usr/local/bin
+ sudo chmod g+rwx /usr/local /usr/local/bin
+# curl --progress-bar | tar -C "$INSTALLDIR" -xzvf -
+echo "Downloading SilkJS"
+curl --progress-bar --location | tar -C "$INSTALLDIR" -xzf -
+ln -sf /usr/local/silkjs/bin/silkjs /usr/local/bin
+ln -sf /usr/local/silkjs/httpd/main.js /usr/local/bin/httpd-silk.js
+echo "Installation complete."
+echo "You need to add /usr/local/bin to your PATH environment variable."
+echo "This can be done by adding this line to your .bashrc file:"
+echo "export PATH=/usr/local/bin:\$PATH"
+echo "You can run SilkJS with the following command:"
+echo "$ silkjs"
+echo "You can run the SilkJS HTTP Server with the following command:"
+echo "$ httpd-silk.js yourapp.js"
+echo "For instructions on setting up a WWW site for httpd-silk.js, see"
+echo ""

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