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The builtin/v8 object exposes an enableDebugger() method. You may call this from your JavaScript code at start up to enable debugging. The v8 debugger listens on port 5858.

For now, you can visually debug using node-inspector. You'll have to install nodejs and node-inspector...

The httpd server now accepts -d on the command line to enable debugging. Instead of pre-forking, it enables the debugger and calls

Run node-inspector from a second command line, after starting httpd-silk.js with the -d switch:

mschwartz@presto:~/src/othello$ node-inspector 
   info  - started
visit to start debugging

Now point your webkit browser (e.g. Chrome) at the URL printed by node-inspector. You should see something like the Chrome Dev Tools window in your browser. The scripts tab will show all your server-side scripts. Breakpoints work, etc.

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