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SeqFindr changelog

Please use git log in preference to information as it is sporadically updated and may be incomplete.

2014-07-10 Mitchell Stanton-Cook <>:
  • Rewrote
  • Added a release script
  • Moved to semantic versioning
  • SeqFindR --> SeqFindr (as 'R' looks to associate with R)
  • Improved the doumentation
  • Added bumpversion and do_release to make releases significantly easier
2013-08-16 Mitchell Stanton-Cook <>:
  • General refactors & code cleaning/optimisations
  • Split into:,,, &
  • fixed meta information
  • Installation should (python install) should now be more robust)
  • fixed argparse. Required options are now required not optional (database & ass_dir)
  • output & output_prefix now do something...
  • New option -s/--strip (will strip off the 1st and last N bases from the mapping consensuses and database to avoid uncalled bases at the start and end of runs
  • Improved output image control (dpi, size, color & seed control)
2013-07-16 Nabil-Fareed Alikhan <>:
  • Added Ability to use amino acid sequences as Virluence factors
  • Added helper method to automatically detect type of sequence file (nucl or pro)
  • Added commandline override option for above auto-detection ( -R )
  • Replaced a number of system calls and pathnames with cross platform friendly alternatives
  • Added support for fasta file extensions .fna, .fas, .fa; rather than just .fas (For query sequences)
  • Added tBLASTx functionality and option to trigger it ( -X )