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mseaborn committed Jul 29, 2011
1 parent 41b03a8 commit 963ad1fe7fe55b84734ceaec3f3ec05e9f945330
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@@ -1,10 +1,46 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python
+ tests a NaCl change on the local machine, or on remote
+machines by rsyncing the source tree to them.
+Usage: "<scons args>" <dest machines...>
+ run_hello_world_test 32 64 mac winbox
+- Runs a minimal test on x86-32 Linux, x86-64 Linux, Mac and Windows.
+ 'run_hello_world_test --verbose' 32 64
+- The first arg can contain multiple Scons arguments.
+ '' 32 64
+- This is how to invoke Scons with no arguments, so that it builds
+To set up a machine for use with, you must first check out
+a copy of the NaCl source tree there. For example:
+$ ssh mymac
+mac$ mkdir -p devel/nacl
+mac$ cd devel/nacl
+mac$ gclient config
+mac$ gclient sync
+TODO: Add an option for running 'gclient sync'.
+TODO: Add the ability to sync/test in parallel for different machines.
import subprocess
import sys
import time
+# This is a small helper for creating a Python object from a dict of
+# closures (one closure per method).
class Obj(object):
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
@@ -21,8 +57,13 @@ def wrapper():
def make_host(host, destdir, msvc=False, msvc64=False):
+ # Memoize so that we only do the rsync once per destination
+ # location, even if we test two configurations in that location
+ # (e.g. x86-32 Mac and x86-64 Mac).
def sync():
+ # Note that this never deletes files, so obsolete files will
+ # get left behind in the destination directory.
subprocess.check_call("git ls-files >filelist", shell=True)
"rsync -avz --files-from=filelist . %s:%s"
@@ -47,43 +88,28 @@ def run(cmd):
this_host = make_this_host()
-ch = make_host("ch", "devel/nacl-svn/native_client")
-boreal = make_host("boreal", "devel/nacl-gclient/native_client")
-boreal_chrome = make_host("boreal", "devel/chromium/src/native_client")
macpro = make_host("hydric", "devel/nacl/native_client")
win32vm = make_host("win32vm", "devel/nacl/native_client", msvc=True)
win32vm64 = make_host("win32vm", "devel/nacl/native_client", msvc64=True)
-bul64 = make_host("bul64", "devel/nacl/native_client")
-dove = make_host("dove", "devel/nacl/native_client")
-msneckmac = make_host("msneckmac", "/Users/mseaborn/devel/nacl/native_client")
dest_map = {}
def add_target(name, host, opts):
dest_map[name] = (host, opts)
add_target("32", this_host,
"--mode=dbg-linux,nacl platform=x86-32 -j2")
-add_target("64ch", ch,
- "--mode=dbg-linux,nacl platform=x86-64 -j6")
add_target("64", this_host,
"--mode=dbg-linux,nacl platform=x86-64 -j2")
- # ch,
- this_host,
- "--mode=dbg-linux,nacl sdl=none platform=arm -j3")
+add_target("arm", this_host,
+ "--mode=dbg-linux,nacl sdl=none platform=arm -j2")
add_target("mac", macpro, "--mode=dbg-mac,nacl -j6")
-add_target("mac-chrome", boreal_chrome, "xxxx")
add_target("mac64", macpro, "--mode=dbg-mac,nacl -j6 platform=x86-64")
-add_target("mac-opt", boreal, "--mode=opt-mac,nacl -j6")
-add_target("mac106", msneckmac, "--mode=dbg-mac,nacl -j6")
add_target("win", win32vm, "--mode=dbg-win,nacl")# -j3")
add_target("win64", win32vm64, "--mode=dbg-win,nacl platform=x86-64 sdl=none -j8")
-add_target("dove", dove,
- "--mode=dbg-linux,nacl platform=arm naclsdk_validate=0 sdl=none naclsdk_mode=manual")
- make_host("macbook", "devel/nacl-mytry/src/native_client"),
- "--mode=dbg-mac,nacl -j2")
add_target("winbox", make_host("winbox", "devel/nacl/native_client", msvc64=True),
"--mode=dbg-win,nacl platform=x86-64")
add_target("winbox32", make_host("winbox", "devel/nacl/native_client", msvc=True),

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