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Remove "-rHEAD" from the try run options; use LKGR instead

HEAD seems to be fairly regularly broken these days, unfortunately.

The reason for having -rHEAD before was for when LKGR had not caught
up with a previous DEPS update (which would cause a patch to DEPS in
LKGR to fail to apply).

This shouldn't be a problem these days, though, since DEPS updates
don't tend to be frequent enough (i.e. multiple updates per day).
Even with one DEPS update per day, LKGR should be OK.
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1 parent de66ea5 commit d4717d20501d782ef0d0d9651244c9490544ce48 @mseaborn committed Mar 2, 2012
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@@ -205,7 +205,6 @@ class DownloadOptions(object):
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'try',
'-b', 'linux_rel,mac_rel,win_rel,linux_chromeos',
- '-rHEAD',

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