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Light, asynchronous, non-blocking test runner
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Kaze - 風

A lightweight and nimble test runner. Kaze translates to "wind" in Japanese.

  • Non-blocking, processing occurs within multiple 50 ms time slices
  • Asynchronous, assertions may delegate their return value to another function executing in the future
  • Benchmarking, compare speed between multiple tests using repetitive execution
  • Regular expression filtering of test names allows easy running of test subsets
  • Lightweight ~1.4 KB minified, ~700 B gzipped


object kaze

  void    clear()
  void    pause()
  void    resume()
  void    run([Function onresult[, RegExp filter[, Number iterations]]])
  void    test(String name, Function assert)
  void    tests(Object defs)

See readme.html for more information.

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