Rails plugin for Subversion. Easy setup of new Rails project, Continuous Integration like commits.
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Rails SVN Tasks

Rails SVN Tasks comes from my frustration of setting up new Ruby on Rails 
projects in Subversion and having to deal with setting up the initial project 
to exclude the right files and set up all of the directory propsets. With 
this plugin, all I have to do is run "rake svn:setup" and all the grunt work 
is taken care of for me. More information at:


Working on projects with multiple people has lead me to like tests a lot :-)
Since we don't currently have a Continuous Integration server at my work, I 
took a cue from a co-worker of mine and use custom SVN tasks to simulate CI. 
One simple command and I can ensure all my local files are added or removed 
from Subversion, I'm updated to the most recent code, and all my tests pass 
before a single file gets checked in. More information at:



rake svn:commit m="message"

Commit files to the Subversion repository. This task will perform svn:add and 
svn:delete to get a complete commit, and svn:update to get the latest code, 
check for conflicts, and run our rake tests to ensure a clean commit.

rake svn:update

Update files from the Subversion repository, raises an error if conflicts 
(svn status 'C') were found that could not be merged (svn status 'G'). If the 
svn up goes well, we rake the database if needed and run our test suite to 
ensure everything is kosher.

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael J. Sepcot (michael.sepcot@gmail.com), released 
under the MIT license