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[ ] stub out http request/response cycle for tests
[ ] allow specifying values as single items where you don't need to wrap in a list, e.g. :tags => :chickens instead of :tags => [ 'chickens' ]
[ ] make sure symbols will work as well as tags everywhere (again, :tags => :chickens is same as :tags => 'chickens')
[ ] figure out better structure for class/file (either rename request/video_search.rb or split into one class per file again)
[ ] restore spaces after method def names
[ ] use a proxy for testing with static sample result xml so we have repeatable tests
[ ] Clean up tests using Shoulda to define contexts
[ ] Allow :category and :categories for query DSL
[ ] Exception handling
== API Features TODO
[ ] Profile feed parsing
[ ] Playlist feeds
[ ] User subscriptions
[ ] Video comments
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