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Introduction to Python


This repository contains the interactive (ipython) lecture notes that I've used for a very brief introduction to python programming for scientists, held at Reading University during the enhancement week. Due to time constraints there are many topics that were not covered, but overall I believe it should provide enough informations to start doing something and understand how and where to look for more.

Note that the lecture notes are not self-contained, during the course I was adding examples and additional explanations here and there to integrate the content.

  • Lecture 0 contains informations on the tools used during the coruse and additional references.
  • Lecture 1 is an introduction to Python data structures.
  • Lecture 2 gives a brief overview of Python control structures, modules and functions.
  • Exercises 1 has some exercises that could be approached with what has been done in the first two lectures.
  • Lecture 3 is an introduction to matplotlib.
  • Lecture 4 is an introduction to scipy and numpy.

Online there are many many good resources, with many more details. I tried to link the ones I know and liked, and sometimes overlooked while preparing these notes. If something is missing pleas let me know and I will integrate the comments and the links. You can click on the binder badge to directly run online an interactive version of these notebooks.

Update (17.02.2021)

Lots of very good material has kept appearing since I wrote these. Have a look at:


8hrs intro to python for mathematicians (Reading University, Enhancement Week)



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