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Purity Ghost Theme

purity is a MathJax ready Pure based theme for Pelican. Adapted from the Purity Ghost theme. It is already integrated with microdata for search engine optimization and opengraph for better facebook integration.

You can see a running version of the dark theme is on my blog Tales of a Fractal Spectrum.

Change color theme

Open the file static/css/style.css and replace the line @import url(dark.css); with @import(light.css);. To make your own color set, duplicate assets/css/dark.css or assets/css/light.css, edit it (you need to know/study a bit of CSS) and replace the line @import url(dark.css); with @import(NAME_OF_YOUR_CUSTOM_COLOR_FILE.css);.

Update your social network informations

Set SOCIAL= True and any of the follwing variables with you username: TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GPLUS (for Google+) and GHUB (for GitHub). Alternatively open templates/social.html and add anything you need (it's a fairly easy task).

Probably there is a default/standard way to manage the social settings; feel free to submit a Push Request with any fix.

MathJax support

To enable MathJax it's enough to set MATHJAX = True.

Google Analytics support

After having obtained your Account Code from, it is a code of the form UA-12345678-1, add the constant GOOGLE_ANALYTICS = your_code_goes_here.

Google+, Disqus or Facebook comments

To set up google+, disqus or facebook comments is enough to set DISQUS_SITENAME, GOOGLE_COMMENTS or FBCOMMENTS_ID

Note that for Disqus you may want to open templates/comments.html and comment out the line var disqus_identifier = '{{ }}';.

Basic support for EU Cookies Law

For additional information check the file templates/cookieconsent.html and the used script Cookie-Consent.

As it stands now it will just inform the user and point him/her to the page http://{{ SITEURL }}/privacy-policy. Enable it with COOKIECONSENT = True


This theme does not yet implement archives, author, category, page templates. Feel free to send a Push Request with the appropriate changes.

This theme does not (yet) include an appropriate pygments css file.