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Project Starter

In this activity we will add the provided boilerplate to group project repos.


  • Only one member of each group should complete this activity while the others watch.

  • Copy the entire Unsolved folder to another location on your computers — wherever you would like your local copy of the group project to be.

  • Rename the copied "Unsolved" folder to the name of your project.

  • Open the copied project folder's package.json file and change its name property to the name of your project.

  • CD to the root of the copied project folder with your terminal and run the following commands:

    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "Initial commit"
  • Then copy the GitHub repo's remote SSH URL (the same URL you'd use to clone the repo).

  • Run the following commands in your terminal, replacing with your GitHub repo's remote SSH URL.

    git remote add origin <remote-url>
    git push origin master
  • If completed successfully you should see all of the files uploaded to GitHub.

  • All other group members should now clone the repo.

  • Discuss as a group:

    • How would you now add changes to this project?
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