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A Ruby and Cinch-based IRC bot mainly used on #shakesoda @, using Cinch >~2.*
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Azurebot is a Ruby-based IRC bot that uses the Cinch IRC bot-building framework.

(Please note that this readme is still very much still being written. And probably will never get fully finished.)

Gems/requires used in various plugins

Gems/requires for specific plugins



./lib/plugins/uptime.rb (may be removed)





NOTE: Things may change a lot between this writing (2012/05/01) and when this is read.

Admin password

To set the bot admin password (/msg azurebot login <password>), generate a SHA256 hash from the password that you want, and then save it under ./config/admin-password.

All plugins that use the Admin command functionality already have the config assigned to them in the bootstrap script (cinch.rb).

Setting up Twitter OAuth

If you already have keys set up, just copy them into a YAML file under "./config/twitter_oauth.yaml" with the following structure:

    !ruby/sym consumer_key: KEY
    !ruby/sym consumer_secret: KEY
    !ruby/sym oauth_token: KEY
    !ruby/sym oauth_token_secret: KEY

Setting per-channel on-join notices

To set up an on-join notice, make sure that the config is set up to have a folder and a file extension. Example:

    c.plugins.options[Plugins::JoinNotice] = { greetings: File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/config/greetings/freenode/', filext: '.txt' }

Where "freenode" is replaced with whatever network that the bot is on (for organizational purposes.)

For instance, if I want to have an on-join notice for #cinch-bots, I would just save a text file named "./config/greetings/freenode/#cinch-bots.txt".


Mark Seymour (

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