Renders ISF Effects and Compositions into a canvas
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Renders ISF Effects and Compositions into a canvas


var gl = canvas.getContext("webgl");

# Instantiate the renderer with your webgl context
var renderer = new ISFRenderer(gl);

# Load up the source
renderer.loadSource(fragmentISF, optionalVertexISF);

# Set up any values passing either numbers, arrays of numbers, or image/video elements
renderer.setValue("someInput", someValue);

# Draw it into the canvas

Raw ISF Parsing

Use the ISFParser class to parse ISF Fragment and Vertex shaders to GLSL shaders and an input data-mapping.

var parser = new ISFParser();
parser.parse(fragmentISF, optionalVertexISF);
console.log(parser.fragmentShader, parser.vertexShader, parser.inputs);


Build with browserify

npm install -g browserify
browserify main.js -o build/main.js


npm install -g watchify
watchify main.js -o build/main.js