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Hugo theme component to add social metadata to your Hugo site with minimal configuration
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This is a Hugo theme component that automatically generates metadata complying to The Open Graph Protocol as well as Twitter Cards. This is NOT a standalone theme and must not be treated as such.


  1. Add the hugo-social-metadata repository as a submodule to be able to get upstream changes later git submodule add themes/hugo-social-metadata

  2. Start off by configuring a few things in your config.toml (or equivalent file depending on whether you use YAML or JSON). These will be picked up by the theme component and used to provide metadata for the site.

  description = "A description for your awesome website goes here"
  keywords = "some, keywords, that, describe, your, content"
  twitterUsername = "@your_twitter_username"
  socialImage = "path/to/the/twitter/card/image"
  1. Include the hugo-social-metadata theme as the leftmost element of the theme list variable in your config file. For config.toml, it will look something like this:
theme = ["hugo-social-metadata", "hyde"]
  1. Include the social_metadata.html partial in your head.html like so: {{ partial "social_metadata.html" . }}.

Additional customizations

You can customize some of the generated metadata on a per-page basis. Setting description, socialImage or tags in the frontmatter will override the defaults loaded from the main config file.

description = "A nice description for this blogpost"
socialImage = "path/to/an/image/that/describes/this/post/best"
tags = ["this", "blog", "rocks!"]


Check out the LICENSE file in the root of this repository.

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