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This project is an application/directory of all the AngularJS tutorial videos. Since the source code is not currently published, and there is some guesswork and inaccuracies in some of the videos, the correct, completely functional solutions are presented here. Testing is also implemented within the framework.

I am working on the equivalent of the RailsCasts ASCIIcasts for each of the videos, stay tuned!

All the individual sets of files for each video can be found in app/lessons.

The application is build on top of the angular-seed stack, and setup is identical:

How to set up egghead-angularjs

Running the app during development

You can pick one of these options:

  • serve this repository with your webserver
  • install node.js and run scripts/web-server.js

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:<port>/app/index.html to see the app running in your browser.

Running unit tests

We recommend using jasmine and Karma for your unit tests/specs, but you are free to use whatever works for you.

Requires node.js, Karma (sudo npm install -g karma) and a local or remote browser.

  • start scripts/ (on windows: scripts\test.bat)
    • a browser will start and connect to the Karma server (Chrome is default browser, others can be captured by loading the same url as the one in Chrome or by changing the config/karma.conf.js file)
  • to run or re-run tests just change any of your source or test javascript files


Functioning and annotated example code for each of the AngularJS videos



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