Expose Eclipse Hono devices as MsgFlo participants
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Eclipse Hono connector for MsgFlo

This tool discovers devices on an Eclipse Hono service and makes them participants in a MsgFlo network.

With MsgFlo you can easily connect any Hono-enabled sensors to any arbitrary data processing functionality, be it a NoFlo graph, a Rust or Python program, or a MsgFlo-connected IoT actuator.

For example, here is a Bosch XDK talking to a NoFlo graph, with Flowhub IDE showing the live data flowing through:

XDK in MsgFlo


You need access to a Hono installation, and a MsgFlo-compatible message queue. You also need Node.js. Install the Hono MsgFlo connector with:

$ npm install -g msgflo-hono


The msgflo-hono tool accepts the following arguments:

  • hono: URL (including authentication) to a Hono instance
  • msgflo: MsgFlo message broker URL
  • tenant: Hono tenant identifier
  • filter: (optional) filter for device identifiers to expose


$ msgflo-hono --hono amqp://username:password@hono.bosch-iot-suite.com:15672 --msgflo mqtt://localhost --tenant bcx --filter xdk

Working principle

What this tool does is:

  • Subscribe to Hono telemetry information
  • Collect telemetry and produce device information based on the telemetry data
  • Register discovered devices as MsgFlo foreign participants
  • Forward telemetry from Hono to the MsgFlo network