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fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
yaml = require 'js-yaml'
debug = require('debug')('msgflo:library')
EventEmitter = require('events').EventEmitter
common = require './common'
defaultHandlers =
".yml": "msgflo-register --role #ROLE:#FILENAME"
".js": "msgflo-nodejs --name #ROLE #FILENAME"
".coffee": "msgflo-nodejs --name #ROLE #FILENAME"
".py": "msgflo-python #FILENAME #ROLE"
".json": "noflo-runtime-msgflo --name #ROLE --graph #COMPONENT --iips #IIPS"
".fbp": "noflo-runtime-msgflo --name #ROLE --graph #COMPONENT --iips #IIPS"
languageExtensions =
'python': 'py'
'coffeescript': 'coffee'
'javascript': 'js'
'c++': 'cpp'
'rust': 'rs'
'yaml': 'yml'
extensionToLanguage = {}
for lang, ext of languageExtensions
extensionToLanguage[".#{ext}"] = lang
replaceMarker = (str, marker, value) ->
marker = '#'+marker.toUpperCase()
str.replace(new RegExp(marker, 'g'), value)
exports.replaceVariables = replaceVariables = (str, variables) ->
for marker, value of variables
str = replaceMarker str, marker, value
return str
baseComponentCommand = (config, component, cmd, filename) ->
variables = common.clone config.variables
componentName = component.split('/')[1]
componentName = component if not componentName
variables['FILENAME'] = filename if filename
variables['COMPONENTNAME'] = componentName
variables['COMPONENT'] = component
return replaceVariables cmd, variables
componentCommandForFile = (config, filename) ->
ext = path.extname filename
component = path.basename filename, ext
cmd = config.handlers[ext]
return baseComponentCommand config, component, cmd, filename
componentsFromConfig = (config) ->
components = {}
for component, cmd of config.components
components[component] =
language: null # XXX: Could try to guess from cmd/template??
command: baseComponentCommand config, component, cmd
return components
componentsFromDirectory = (directory, config, callback) ->
components = {}
extensions = Object.keys config.handlers
fs.exists directory, (exists) ->
return callback null, {} if not exists
fs.readdir directory, (err, filenames) ->
return callback err if err
supported = filenames.filter (f) -> path.extname(f) in extensions
unsupported = filenames.filter (f) -> not (path.extname(f) in extensions)
debug 'unsupported component files', unsupported if unsupported.length
for filename in supported
ext = path.extname filename
lang = extensionToLanguage[ext]
component = path.basename(filename, ext)
if config.namespace
component = "#{config.namespace}/#{component}"
debug 'loading component from file', filename, component
filepath = path.join directory, filename
components[component] =
language: lang
command: componentCommandForFile config, filepath
return callback null, components
normalizeConfig = (config) ->
config = {} if not config
namespace = or null
repository = config.repository
if config.repository?.url
# package.json convention
repository = config.repository.url
config = config.msgflo if config.msgflo # Migth be under a .msgflo key, for instance in package.json
config.repository = repository unless typeof config.repository is 'string'
config.namespace = namespace if not config.namespace?
config.components = {} if not config.components
config.variables = {} if not config.variables
config.handlers = {} if not config.handlers
for k, v of defaultHandlers
config.handlers[k] = defaultHandlers[k] if not config.handlers[k]
return config
# Remove instance-specific data like role and extra from library data
cleanComponentDefinition = (discovered) ->
return discovered unless discovered?.definition
# Start by cloning the definition
component = common.clone discovered
return component unless component?.definition
delete component.definition.extra
delete component.definition.role
for port in component.definition.inports
delete port.queue
for port in component.definition.outports
delete port.queue
return component
class Library extends EventEmitter
constructor: (options) ->
options.config = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync options.configfile, 'utf-8') if options.configfile
if not options.componentdir
console.log 'WARNING:', 'Default components directory for MsgFlo will change to "components" in next release'
options.componentdir = 'participants'
options.config = normalizeConfig options.config
@options = options
@components = {} # "name" -> { command: "", language: ''|null }. lazy-loaded using load()
getComponent: (name) ->
# Direct match
return @components[name] if @components[name]
withoutNamespace = path.basename name
return @components[withoutNamespace] if @components[withoutNamespace]
if name.indexOf '/' == -1 and @options.config.namespace
withNamespace = @options.config.namespace + '/' + name
return @components[withNamespace] if @components[withNamespace]
return null
_updateComponents: (components) ->
names = []
for name, comp of components
if not comp
# removed
@components[name] = null
names.push name if names.indexOf(name) is -1
discovered = cleanComponentDefinition comp
existing = @getComponent name
unless existing
# added
@components[name] = discovered
names.push name if names.indexOf(name) is -1
unless JSON.stringify(existing.definition) is JSON.stringify(discovered.definition)
# updated
for k, v of discovered
@components[name][k] = v
names.push name if names.indexOf(name) is -1
# Send components-changed only if something changed
if names.length
@emit 'components-changed', names, @components
load: (callback) ->
componentsFromDirectory @options.componentdir, @options.config, (err, components) =>
return callback err if err
@_updateComponents components
@_updateComponents componentsFromConfig(@options.config)
return callback null
# call when MsgFlo discovery message has come in
_updateDefinition: (name, def) ->
return if not def # Ignore participants being removed
changes = {}
changes[name] =
definition: def
@_updateComponents changes
getSource: (name, callback) ->
debug 'requesting component source', name
component = @getComponent name
return callback new Error "Component not found for #{name}" unless component
basename = name
library = null
if name.indexOf('/') isnt -1
# FBP protocol component:getsource unfortunately bakes in library in this case
[library, basename] = name.split '/'
else if @options.config?.namespace?
library = @options.config?.namespace
unless component.language
# Component that doesn't come from handlers, send discovery info since source isn't available
debug 'component without source', name, component.command
source =
name: basename
library: library
code: yaml.safeDump component.definition or {}
language: 'discovery'
return callback null, source
lang = component.language
ext = languageExtensions[lang]
filename = path.join @options.componentdir, "#{basename}.#{ext}"
fs.readFile filename, 'utf-8', (err, code) ->
debug 'component source file', filename, lang, err
return callback new Error "Could not find component source for #{name}: #{err.message}" if err
source =
name: basename
library: library
code: code
language: component.language
return callback null, source
addComponent: (name, language, code, callback) ->
debug 'adding component', name, language
ext = languageExtensions[language]
ext = ext or language # default to input lang for open-ended extensibility
filename = path.join @options.componentdir, "#{path.basename(name)}.#{ext}"
if name.indexOf('/') == -1 and @options.config?.namespace
name = "#{@options.config.namespace}/#{name}"
fs.writeFile filename, code, (err) =>
return callback err if err
changes = {}
changes[name] =
language: language
command: componentCommandForFile @options.config, filename
@_updateComponents changes
return callback null
componentCommand: (component, role, iips={}) ->
cmd = @getComponent(component)?.command
throw new Error "No component #{component} defined for role #{role}" if not cmd
vars =
'ROLE': role
'IIPS': "'#{JSON.stringify(iips)}'"
cmd = replaceVariables cmd, vars
return cmd
exports.Library = Library